When things don’t go to plan

It’s kind of funny.

Christmas trees sparkle through living room windows and signs on lawns tell Santa where to deliver presents, but not at our house.

Our house with its bare walls and empty bookshelves is being evacuated as I, yet again, move.

While some people are unboxing ornaments and hanging them up to the rhythm of songs with sleigh bells, I’m wrapping mine in bubble wrap and stuffing them into suitcases. Most everything is being removed to the North for temporary storage.

I have much stuff.

My car, aged 14, is not impressed. The chap from the breakdown service and the men at the garage all have a cheerful way of stating ‘he’s broken’ that’s not so cheering to me. They’ve got the Christmas spirit, even in the chill of a December night.

Mulled wine and mine-pies soften the blow.

The humour in my life doesn’t end there. My computer doesn’t want to speak to me either. It’s no longer recognising its own vital organs. It won’t even wake up to say hello. I’m writing this post from the Boyfriend’s super powerful cinematic experience of a computer, but right now I’d prefer to have my own little netbook for company.

Hey ho. It’s Christmas. There’s chocolate, marzipan and cranberry sauce to distract me from my mishaps.

“… good company, good wine, good welcome, can make good people.”

Shakespeare (or John Fletcher perhaps?), Henry VIII


  • clarepooley33
    Wednesday 16 December 2015

    I once moved house in December. I was 3 months pregnant and had morning sickness. One of the cats was so traumatised by the whole moving house thing he had a fit. Christmas was fine; in fact it was lovely! We managed to put a few decorations up in the new place and we had friends round to visit and we had Christmas and Boxing Day meals with his and my parents.
    Best of luck Catherine! Have a very Happy Christmas with your lovely boyfriend. Great quote – it is so true!

    • Catherine Oughtibridge
      Thursday 17 December 2015

      Bless. As soon as Christmas hits it’s going to be wonderful. We’re going to my grandparents house and my grandmother is an amazing cook and my grandfather is never stingy with either the alcohol or the chocolates so I’m sure it’s going to be wonderfully merry.

      I think pets and plants suffer more than we do with moving house, at least we understand what’s going on, even if it’s a little stressful.

      • clarepooley33
        Thursday 17 December 2015

        I quite agree. Have a wonderful time xx

  • Catherine Oughtibridge
    Friday 18 December 2015

    Only 3?