Scary barbarian warrior women

Sometimes, people don’t change. By which I mean I’m sitting on the floor drawing pictures.

Today’s illustration is an adaption of ‘Red Sonja’ a.k.a. ‘She devil with a sword’. The original artist is some chap called Jim Lee.* I’ve never heard of him, but his illustration features in Stan Lee’s book on how to draw comics and ‘Red Sonja’ captures a certain momentum which I’m trying to mimic.

Action can be difficult to draw. Red Sonja appears to be the sort of woman who’s never caught standing still. If she did pause, she’d get very cold.Ten years ago, I spent rather a excessive amount of time drawing faces with Disney-like features. This excess has plagued me ever since. Unless I’m drawing from a picture or a model, every face I draw looks like a distant cousin of Belle. The real Red Sonja has an expression that suits the tag line ‘she devil with a sword’. Her eyes are proportionally grown woman rather than ginormous Disney eyes. Her face is angular, and her hair reminds me of the Pokemon Ponyta – but angrier.

Somehow, my Red Sonja looks more like she’s beating the dust out of a carpet than killing things. She’s sweeter and slower. I don’t know why. I’ve drawn her multiple times. I’ve given her this amazing long sword. Yet when my Red Sonja wakes up each morning, it’s going to be to the song of bluebirds.

Maybe it’s because I decided that she ought to at least wear a skirt. Or that I really couldn’t deal with each of her thighs having more muscle than both my legs combined.

In fact, if you just switched the sword for a wand…

*So after some research, Jim Lee is just one of many artists of Red Sonja, which explains why the Red Sonja on the following page to the one I was drawing didn’t look anything like the first. In fact I didn’t realise that there were three pages of Red Sonjas. The original artist, according to Wikipedia, was a chap called Barry Smith. His illustrations gave her clothes and less back ache. They didn’t last long.