Happenence Ltd. Privacy Policy

What happens when I give you my email address?

Content you may receive

If you download a resource from the site, Happenence Ltd. will email you occasionally with stories and further resources that may interest you.

If you sign up to receive blog posts via email, you will receive an automated email the morning (UTC) after the blog post has been posted.

Third Parties

Happenence Ltd. has access to your email address. Permission to email you is a privilege and will be treated as such. Happenence Ltd. won’t share your email address with any third party without your consent.


You can unsubscribe or alter your email requests from any emails Happenence Ltd. sends you by clicking the unsubscribe/update button at the bottom of any email or by responding to the email with a request for your email address to be removed from the list.

What happens when you write a comment on the website?

All your thoughts and feedback is dearly appreciated. If you would like to remove or correct a comment, just ask. Your email address, provided when you comment, is used to identify you as the copyright owner of the comment.

By commenting you are licencing Happenence Ltd. to publish the comment and to make necessary proofreading corrections.

How does Happenence Ltd. use cookies?

What is a cookie?

When you’re browsing the Internet, it sometimes surprising that the Internet knows who you are and what you’re looking for. It does this by storing a cookie, a small piece of text, in your browser memory.

This might be as simple as which email address you’ve typed into a website or a preference for reading a site in your own language. It may also be that you’re logged into a site, or you’ve placed things in a shopping cart.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool website owners use to find out what people are looking at on their website. Cookies identify your behaviour. You can find out more about how Google Analytics uses cookies.

Google Analytics is useful because it helps identify which blog posts you all find most interesting and therefore which blog posts would be most useful for me to write next. It also helps to identify problems that people are facing but not talking about.

How can I stop cookied being used?

You can clear your cookie cache (delete all the little text files currently stored in your browser) by going into your browser’s settings. Look at aboutcookies.org if you want to know how to make your browser stop accepting cookies. This may make your Internet browsing experience a little more clunky.

When you provide data as part of an assignment

Unless otherwise agreed, the data you provide to Happenence Ltd. when requesting work to be done remains your property, and won’t be used for any purpose other than that stated in the work order. This data may include images, video and text.

This and any other detail of a specific project will be covered in an agreed upon contract between Happenence Ltd. and the client.


If you have any further worries about privacy and how data about you is used that aren’t answered here, send an email to kate@happenence.co.uk and I’ll do my best to give you clarification.

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