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Is the Happenence style of learning for you?

Do you have a genuine intention to use the language?

Are you willing to be brave?

How is learning through Happenence different?

You don’t pay for a teacher to recite grammatical rules from a textbook. Vocabulary and grammar is important – and it’s silly to pretend it’s not – but each class is focused on developing a specific ability.

Step 1: You are provided with the resources to learn, often in the form of text and audio.

Step 2: You are given a few short tasks designed to test your understanding.

Step 3: You receive individual feedback to identify your mistakes.

Step 4: You are given a creative task to practise the material you’ve learnt.

Step 5: You get individual written and aural feedback for your task.

Step 6: With the teacher, you practise reading the class material and your own work focusing on pronunciation.

Step 7: You then develop spontaneous conversation based on a mixture of new and old material.

Step 8: When you have mastered the skill for that class, you move to another class, chosen with your teacher based on your needs.