Written by a teacher of English as a foreign language, these articles about language learning are for the learner looking to get more value out of their language skills, or teachers wanting to understand how their students learn.

1. How to be understood speaking English (without mastering the ‘th’ sounds)

You don’t have to speak English like David Attenborough to have a meaningful conversation. I never have and never will. To speak ‘standard’ English would be a betrayal of my identity. But there are some tricks you can learn that will make your pronunciation more recognisable to an English ear.

2. How to use a teacher’s trick to improve your fluency (Even if you fear speaking)

Speaking often comes up as a top cause of anxiety – even with people speaking in their own language. People believe that others are going to see them shaking, nervous and incoherent and think, what a fool. Yet teachers have the job of coaxing words out of their students and building up their fluency.

3. How to boost your vocabulary (without getting in a tangle)

Without context to organise the vocabulary in your mind, all those words you try and learn become a knotted array of sounds. You’ll have words you know you know but can’t remember, and words you know but are meaningless because you have no idea of what they mean. How do you smooth out the knots?

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