grit and grazed kneesThis site tells a story in which grit meets knees, often.

It’s an epic journey, led by curiosity and fuelled with love.

Trying to do what I thought I should do made me boring and lonely. This site is a quest to re-find the fun of existence.

This process is not finished. There’s no polished final draft. It’s an iterative work, a lifetime masterpiece, a canvas of carefully mixed oils and haphazardly patchwork collage. It is a creation still being born, but at the same time being built on, learnt from, practiced with and moulded into something more. There are cracks where the pressure has been too much. Worn down fibres suggest familiarity and comfort but also elude to tiredness and an inevitable nostalgia. The seams are reinforced.

This site is a record of what it takes for me to believe in my unconventional life. It’s a site about growing up, taking action and doing something artistic because you have the guts to play.

Such an endeavour is nothing new. Artists and writers on the edge of society have always needed space to turn around to see the world from a different perspective. Good art is rarely hurried. It takes hours of practice, compulsive midnight battering of the keyboard, momentary great sobs of despair and accidental paint on the carpet. I’m not crazy, just bold enough to live like I’m glad to be alive.

Waking up and laying immobile in the birdsong in the mountains, working from libraries and coffee shops, switching roles, experimenting with language, doing the washing up, sharing heartfelt dreams and chocolate croissants. Slowly, it all adds up. Magic doesn’t happen overnight. It takes tears and laughter; it takes a lifetime of loving.