This compilation of pictures and words is a celebration of what teaches me happiness. Some of it is delightfully whimsical. Sometimes I’m more pensive and intellectual. The photos and stories are of places I’ve visited and been touched by. The paintings are reflections of how I feel.

Put the kettle on.
Pause here and get yourself a cup of tea.

I write a lot about:

  • travel
  • books
  • art
  • people I love

Sometimes, however, what appears is not comfortable. I have this gorgeous life filled with wonderful people, and I go places and I live boldly and brightly, and I laugh lots. I’m also surviving trauma. The sort of trauma that teaches you that denial is destructive, silence paralyses and that eventually leads you to having no idea who or what you are. There are some people out there who have a very disturbed sense of what is right or wrong.

I also write about:

  • psychotherapy
  • trauma
  • feelings and emotions

Welcome to my Happenence. I hope that some part of it, however small, is valuable to you.

Whilst some names, dates and locations are changed to protect the identities of people I love. The essence is all true.